BAO Xiudong (包修东)

Male, 41, head of a printing factory on Gulou East Street. From: Beijing.

On the night of June 3, 1989, Bao was on his way home when he was shot near the Western Return Scholars Association at the intersection of Nanheyan Street. He was brought to Xiehe Hospital, where he died. Bao’s ashes are buried at Babaoshan People’s Public Cemetery.

Bao’s wife Sun Shanping (孙珊萍) and younger sister Bao Limei (包丽梅) are members of the Tiananmen Mothers. His father Bao Yutian (包玉田) and mother Wang Shuanglan (王双兰) were members of the group before their death.

Bao Xiudong
Head of Factory
You Weijie (尤维洁), a spokesperson of the Tiananmen Mothers, spoke about Bao Xiudong’s family in an interview in 2018:

I heard from his family that back then, Bao took care of everything for the family, no matter how small or big. Before his death, his siblings had been relying on him for many, many things for the family.

Bao was, I believe, the director of a small factory. He was also very filial to his parents. I didn’t know until today. . . it came out during a chat with his family members. . . that during the June Fourth massacre in 1989, there was a group of people who were dispatched by their work units to go to Tiananmen Square to maintain order. He was one of the people dispatched. But when he was on his way home, he was killed. His family told me that it happened next to Beijing Hotel. It must have been at Nanheyan, in that direction. . . . .He was brought to Xiehe Hospital. His family saw many dead bodies lying in the morgue of Xiehe Hospital, in the freezer.

Because he had been sent by his work unit to keep order, his coworkers all knew about what had happened to him. When his father saw how he had died, he could not bear it; his health immediately deteriorated. . . . He developed high blood pressure, and high blood sugar; and a lot of other health issues flared up. He passed away a few years later. His mother, Wang Shuanglan, was quite a strong old woman.

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