GUO Chunmin (郭春珉)

Male, 22, a teacher at Beijing No. 61 Middle School, and student at the biology department of Beijing Education College, Shijingshan Branch.

On June 3, 1989, at 8 p.m., Guo went out to meet his classmates after dinner and did not come home that night. His parents looked for him everywhere and eventually found his body in the bicycle shed of Fuxing Hospital. According to the hospital, Guo was in the Muxidi area when he was injured. He was shot in the left kidney and his leg. He was reportedly still breathing when he got to the hospital. Overwhelmed with the wounded, the staff were not able to treat him in time, and he died. Guo’s ashes are kept at the cinerary pavilion at Wan’an Cemetery.

Guo’s father, Guo Daxian (郭达显), and mother, Huang Xuefen (黄雪芬), are both members of the Tiananmen Mothers.

Guo Chunmin (郭春珉)
Guo Chunmin

Huang Xuefen's testimony, 2019

Huang Xuefen, mother of Guo Chunmin, said in a video interview in 2019

We went to Fuxingmen Hospital to look for our child. . . . I was holding a flashlight and an article of clothing. . . . People told me to go into that big bicycle shed to look. I saw death notices posted on the entrance of the hospital. I shone the flashlight on them and I saw child’s name right away, and just I sank. Some university students took me by the arm and helped me to the bicycle shed. I walked through the shed—twice. They now tell me that nothing of that sort happened, that there were no killings, and that those were all rumors! But the bodies—lined up in two rows, placed head to head. . . . Our child was one of the last few at the southern end of the shed. . . . I just sat there and couldn’t move anymore. The students gave me some medicine and water. . . . I can’t even describe the misery I felt at that moment. If I say anything about that, they’d say: “Why are you slandering the Chinese Communist Party—it really doesn’t look like what the Party would do.”

I was born into poverty, and my husband was a soldier for more than 20 years starting when he was young. I should not be saying this, but now that this happened to me, I will never forget this until the day I die. Our child did not break the law and didn’t make any trouble. . . . But he was lying there with his eyes wide open. . . . I gently rubbed his eyes in an attempt to shut them, and it was only then that his eyes closed. I covered him with the clothing I had brought with me. Our child had never gone out to do anything bad. . . . Now, he is just gone for no reason whatsoever. There is no place to file a complaint. We are now so old, and no one has helped us to resolve this to this day, and no one even mentions this. I just wish that the country can give us an explanation. . . . As long as you acknowledge your wrong and make it right for our children, we will be satisfied.

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