LI Chun (李春)

Male, 20, chef at Minzu Hotel. From: Beijing.

At night on June 3, 1989, after finishing his shift and walking from Xidan to Muxidi, Li was shot in front of the Trade Union Building. The bullets entered his body through his ribs. Li was brought to Guang’anmen Hospital, where he died.

Li was an only child. His death took away the support his parents had depended on in their old age, leaving them in desolation.

Li’s mother, Gui Delan (珪德兰), is a member of the Tiananmen Mothers.


Li Chun

Video testimony Gui Delan, mother of Li Chun, 2019 (in Chinese)

Gui Delan, mother of Li Chun, said in a video interview in 2019:

We searched for more than ten days, in more than 30 hospitals. We went to every hospital, and finally found him at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Guang'anmen Hospital. When I saw my son I thought to myself: . . . I only have this one son, and my little sprout is just gone like that! After all these years, I am already 75 years old, and my health is bad. I have cancer and ankylosing spondylitis [a rare form of arthritis]—and they torment me every day. Even getting up and down the bed takes me a lot of effort and I can no longer walk. My husband is already 80 years old. And life is still quite difficult. My health is poor, and I don’t know when I will leave this world. But I hope that in the remaining years of my lifetime, the government can give me a clear explanation as to my son’s unjust death. He died on his way back home from work, and I hope the government can provide an explanation and an account to people like us. My son is innocent, and he died unjustly. And so I ask that the government provide us with care and protection, because our loved ones were injured and killed by the government’s military.

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