NI Shilian(倪世联)

Male, 24, staff member at the Beijing Design Institute of China Petrochemical Corporation (now Sinopec), graduated from China University of Petroleum. From: Dongying City, Shandong Province.

On the night of June 3, 1989, Ni started out on his bicycle from the China University of Geosciences together with six colleagues. At around 11 p.m. at the Xidan intersection, they ran into martial law troops firing indiscriminately into the crowds. Ni was shot in the chest and abdomen. Those around him carried him on a door panel to the nearby Second Hospital of Beijing (also known as Xuanwu Hospital). Ni died after losing massive amounts of blood.

Ni was described as an idealistic, passionate youth with a strong sense of justice. During an investigation in 1990, his work unit characterized his death as “abnormal” and issued a “political conclusion” that “he violated the martial law, and was responsible for the consequence.” The work unit gave the family a one-time payment of 835 yuan (about $224) equaling 10 months of his basic salary.

Ni’s mother, Zhang Shuyun (张淑云), now deceased, was a member of the Tiananmen Mothers; his younger brother, Ni Shishu (倪世殊), is a current member.

Ni Shilian(倪世联)
Ni Shilian
Staff at Sinopec
Diary entry by Ni Shilian, found by his father among his belongings:

In life, one should make offerings, but must not be duped

One should help the weak and the poor, but must not do the work for the lazy

One should not strive for fame or profit, but must not look away from injustice

One should adhere to virtue, but must not be blind to evil!

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