QIAN Jin (钱缙)

Male, 21, undergraduate student at the University of International Business and Economics. From: Beijing.

On June 3, 1989, at around 10 p.m., Qian and his classmate (surname Yuan) were biking from the intersection of Bei Feng Wu Road in the direction of Muxidi. When they turned a corner to head home, they encountered martial law troops shooting in the eastward direction. Both Qian and Yuan were shot in the abdomen and were brought to the Railroad General Hospital (now Beijing Shijitan Hospital) by the crowds for emergency care. His artery ruptured, Qian died on June 5. His ashes are buried in Suzhou.

Qian’s father was a former diplomat, and his mother was a teacher at China Foreign Affairs University. He had a younger sister.


Qian Jin
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