WANG Peiwen(王培文)

Male, 21, student at China Youth University of Political Studies. From: Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province.

At around 6 a.m. on June 4, 1989, Wang was carrying a flag in the front row of a group of students retreating from Tiananmen Square. They marched north on North Xinhua Street, east of Liubukou, and turned onto West Chang’an Avenue, taking the bicycle lane along the north side of the street, to head west. Three tanks came from the direction of Tiananmen Square, firing toxic gas as they chased the retreating marchers at high speed. Wang was run over by a tank at Liubukou, his body crushed to pieces. He was one of the reported 11 people crushed to death by tanks at that spot.

Wang’s family has never spoken out about his death.

Wang Peiwen(王培文)
Wang Peiwen
Eyewitness account of a classmate of Wang Peiwen regarding tanks at Liubukou, June 4, 2002

[HRIC note: This appears to be a transcript of a meeting. But we are unable to authenticate the setting.]

It was roughly 4-5 a.m.* It was dawn. I was at the northwestern corner of the intersection. I saw students retreating from Tiananmen Square. Those at the front of the procession appeared to be from Peking University, [and one of them was] using a stick to hoist up an ammo pouch dropped from a tanks. A lot of students were following. The Hebei University student contingent was not far behind them. Since I was from Hebei, I wanted to join the group from my hometown. But right behind them was the group from China Youth University of Political Studies. I wanted to head over, but just when I was halfway across the road, the sound of gunshots started from the east.

The tanks were coming. I turned back immediately, and hid in a nearby courtyard. When I came out, I saw a lot of bodies on the ground at the southwest corner of the Liubukou intersection. I saw some people dragging the injured by their legs, for a small distance, onto flatbed carts.

I think the number on the tank was 107 or 106. I've forgotten—it was so many years ago. I saw a smoking bomb** explode among the people already collapsed on the ground. Smoke filled the air, covering up all the injured and dead. An ambulance came from the north side just at that moment, to rescue the fallen. But it was forced back by the soldiers with their guns, so the ambulance had to turn back north. Then, someone shouted out: the injured and killed were from China Youth University of Political Studies. Were there 13 or 11? I can't remember clearly.

I knew Wang Peiwen very well. But I won't say who I am because I do not want to reveal my identity. Wang was the one holding the flag of China Youth University of Political Studies. I saw that flag flying, and also saw it lying among the wounded and the dead. I know at least four to five of them very well. Other details—I will answer depending on your questions.

About the toxic gas grenades, I am sure they were tossed after the tanks ran over the marchers. It seems that they were not tossed before that. I didn't see very clearly since I was busy running to hide.

By the way, Wang Peiwan was the most passionate soccer fan at China Youth University of Political Studies. Today, June 4, is the anniversary of his death. Today, China's soccer team is in the World Cup competition for the first time. My heart hurts.

*Note by 64memo: It was in fact just past 6 a.m.
**Note by 64memo: Teargas grenade.

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