LIU Jinhua (刘锦华)

Female, 34, staff member of the third retirement home of the General Political Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. From: Beijing.

On the evening of June 3, 1989, Liu and her husband were on their way home after picking up medicine for their child. In Muxidi, they ran into martial law troops firing indiscriminately, and they hid in a spot on the west side of Yanjing Hotel. Liu was shot in the forehead. She died on her way to the Navy General Hospital. Her husband was shot in the leg and taken to Beijing Children’s Hospital. Liu’s ashes are buried in Tianjin Liqizhuang Public Cemetery.

Liu was said to be an outgoing person in an affectionate, harmonious marriage. Her husband never remarried.

Liu’s husband, Feng Youxiang (冯友祥), is a member of the Tiananmen Mothers.

Liu Jinhua (刘锦华)
Liu Jinhua
Staff of the PLA
Feng Youxiang (冯友祥), husband of Liu Jinhua, wrote in his testimony in 1999:

My family life was destroyed by the June Fourth Incident. From that point on, my child and I have been living a lonely existence, and up to now, I have not created a new family. These past ten years, I have faced many obstacles.

After much reflection during these ten years, I think that the government should deal with the issue of June Fourth in order to relieve the anguish suffered by the victims and our society as a whole. This anniversary of June Fourth I miss my wife tremendously. I express profound sorrow for my wife and all who perished. To those who have helped me over the years, I extend my heartfelt gratitude.