A Human Rights in China project
“Unforgotten” is a series of profiles of victims of June Fourth—the brutal military crackdown that ended the 1989 Democracy Movement in China. The project draws on the information collected by the Tiananmen Mothers—a group of family members of June Fourth victims and survivors—since the early 1990s, defying state-enforced amnesia and threats and harassment by the Chinese authorities. “Unforgotten” seeks to honor the lives of the fallen, and generate international support for the Tiananmen Mothers in their three demands from the Chinese government: the truth of what happened, accountability for the killing of unarmed civilians, and compensation to survivors and families of those killed. The project was launched in 2019 to mark the 30th anniversary of June Fourth. New profiles have been added in 2021. (Unless otherwise noted, all English translation is by HRIC.)
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